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About Us

The Ocean is Our Way of Life

We are an active club that tries to do as much diving as we can. We dive all over the UK. While also diving some harder to get to places like the Falklands and Norway. We can show you the fantastic life and wrecks of the UK.

We have our own club rib and compressor. So we can be self sufficient when we go on a trip.

Darwen Sub Aqua Club is one of the longest established clubs with the BSAC, being founded in the summer of 1957. The club in the 21st century is following the same principles as those of our founders.

We have an exemplary training and safety record and are still very committed to the furtherance of diving as a recreational activity for everyone.

There is something going on all year round as we dive winter and summer and our training program is always ongoing. Events and dives are often arranged “last minute” as the weather can (and usually does!) play a defining part in all our plans, so our weekly meetings are where it all happens.

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